30 Tuesday Night Out Feat. Dave Lynn

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  • Song Name: 30 Tuesday Night Out - Dave Lynn
  • Artist: Murry and Antony
  • Album: Tuesday Night Out
  • Year: 2009

Fabulous Drag Queen Dave Lynn chatted to us about lots of things and "Faking It" "Beautiful Thing" as well as his upcoming appearance in Corrie.

We play the track descrbied by digitalspy.co.uk as "about ten years out-of-date...Sounding like a duff Backstreets Boy track with some budget futuristic-rock production, the horror is compounded by gruff vocals, which have been so nipped and tucked that he barely sounds recognisable. Some of the lyrics threaten to titillate ("Don't believe what you read, half of the things you see"), but they're so unimaginative and desperately cynical that any empathy for the singer is soon lost."

It is truly awful.