39 Tuesday Night Out - Murry's In A Coma, Oh No...

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  • Song Name: 39 Tuesday Night Out - Murry in a Coma, oh no....
  • Artist: Murry and Antony
  • Album: Tuesday Night Out
  • Year: 2009

It's really serious. well it's not really, he isn't but Shakespears Sister is stuck in his mind, as is Shirley Bassey, Frankie, the one gone to hollywood, not the friend of Sister Sledge and SuBo rushes through on a wild horse, leaving us in tears.

It's the Shirley Bassey special and there's news on Jill Gascoigne who is now Glynis Barber, (how to lose a job and 20 years overnight), and some Chihuahua smuggling.